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More left-wing violence on parade as commentator says all conservatives should be drowned to death by holding their heads under water

Jesse Farrar, a former contributor to the left-leaning news outlets Deadspin and Vice, is so filled with hatred for students with conservative viewpoints that he recently expressed on Twitter his desire to see them all drowned to death.

The obese, beer-obsessed dolt, in responding to concerns expressed by Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA about the poor treatment that many conservative students receive in the classroom, sent this mocking jested in a tweet:

“they (sic) shouldn’t do that,” referring sarcastically to leftist professors who berate, penalize, or otherwise mistreat conservative students. “its (sic) not right,” he added, “they should hold the conservative students (sic) heads under water until they stop breathing, instead.”

The tweet quickly went viral, prompting the bearded brute to almost immediately delete it. But Farrar’s death threat had already circulated both the news realm and the blogosphere, landing him a top spot as one of the most violently-minded “libtards” to screech his hatred via social media in the post-Trump era.

“Interesting, @BronzeHammer (Farrar’s Twitter handle) seems to call for the death of conservative students via water boarding suffocation,” Kirk responded via his own Twitter account. “Im (sic) sure he is joking, but imagine if conservatives made a joke like that against liberals?” followed by a link to a screenshot of Farrar’s now-scrubbed tweet.

Both Farrar and former employer Deadspin openly admit that they want to murder conservatives

After deleting his original tweet, however, Farrar doubled down on his murderous sentiments. His response to Kirk’s tweet said it all in just four simple words:

“I am not joking,” he wrote, referencing his conservative bloodlust.

When Kirk reached out to Deadspin for comment, assuming the paper would denounce Farrar’s statements, the paper actually affirmed them instead. Deadspin editor, Barry Petchesky, wrote:

“While Farrar no longer writes regularly for Deadspin, we as an organization do support his stance of trolling white supremacist-supported and associated organizations like Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA.”

Just to be sure that he made himself clear about Deadspin‘s official stance that conservatives should die, Petchesky added:

“And while I would not personally advocate the method mentioned in Farrar’s obvious joke Tweet you seem to be using to try to snitch on him to his employers, I can’t argue that it wouldn’t make the world a better place.”

In other words, it was all a joke – except that it wasn’t, and Deadspin agrees! So much for taking the high road, and letting love trump hate. But then again, when has liberal rhetoric about tolerance and appreciation of other people’s viewpoints ever been anything more than empty political correctness?

In Farrar’s case, the bearded brute in many ways is a cliché of left-wing lunacy. He seems to spend most of his time tweeting about his favorite brews and co-hosting podcasts condemning capitalism and “the president’s bunghole,” among other noteworthy content. He also has a penchant for sarcasm and dark cynicism, another hallmark of libtards these days

His libtarded friends in the leftist media are even worse, as they pitifully try to blame conservatives for his words of hate. One leftist media outlet has accused those who are decrying Farrar’s actions of “going full Twitter snitch in a bad-faith effort to hurt people’s livelihoods.”

The same article says that those who have an issue with Farrar wanting to drown all conservative students are “hobgoblins of the Terrified Right,” and that they’re making up a threat that doesn’t exist.

“Pundits with nothing better to do know they can rile up that base with stories of liberal professors doling out Fs to kids who dare to question the far-left doctrine of American universities,” it adds, putting the maximum leftist spin on the incident.

Read for more coverage of the dangerous, deranged Left in America.

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