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Armed Antifa nut job runs into oncoming traffic, gets plowed by a pickup truck, then BLAMES Trump supporters for his own stupidity

As initially reported by The Gateway Pundit, an Antifa thug-wannabe was mowed down by a pickup truck on Saturday as he/she fled a group of patriotic Americans who were confronting members of a group whose activities our own Department of Homeland Security has designated as domestic terrorist violence.

After running willy-nilly into the truck’s lane — the driver had no time whatsoever to stop, as you’ll see in the video — it was discovered that the Antifa thug was armed with a knife. (In the video, Patriot Prayer members were heard informing others that he/she had a weapon.)

The Antifa member — we’re not sure what gender this person is, as, of course, he/she was dressed in all black and hid his/her face — then went to the “Refuse Fascism PDX” page to blame the Patriot Prayer members and, of course, President Donald J. Trump:

Patriot Prayer pushed me into the street and I had no choice but to run, was smacked by a truck retreating from mace and a lot of huge Proud Boys, just minutes after we expressed our leftist views, we were being pursued by the very people that just claimed to be about peace. They were smiling and cheering it and you’ll see when the footage surfaces that they essentially force me out onto the streets. I have been demasked by Portland police under threat of arrest. Here is a photo of the injuries.

That’s a flat-out lie.

As reported by CSC Media Group, video and photographic evidence prove a couple of things: 1) The Antifa thug definitely was armed with a knife; and 2) No one “pushed” them into the oncoming traffic.

See for yourself:

“Someone getting hit by a car is extremely dangerous, and I am relieved that they were not seriously hurt,” said Joey Gibson, founder of Patriot Prayer. “With that being said, it is extremely frustrating that the Alt-Left would take a life threatening situation and try to blame other people to further their own political agenda. At a certain point we have to come together and just debate political issues in an honest way and let the best team win.”

The idiot ran into traffic on his/her own. No one was maced. No one was pushed into the street.

Here’s another view:

What’s more, you can hear an idiot “communist” using a bullhorn on the other side of the street who is actually egging Patriot Prayer members on, chanting, “I’m right over here. I’m right over here. You can come and get me if you want.” (Related: Southern Poverty Law Center won’t label Antifa a HATE group, even though DHS calls them domestic terrorists.)

So, just who is baiting whom? And just who is aiding and abetting violence?

As usual, it’s the Antifa thug-wannabes.

Knowing they’d been caught in a lie, the Refuse Fascism PDX admin took down the post accusing Patriot Prayer members of the injury to the idiot, with this explanation:

“A post was made today blaming Patriot Prayer for the injury that an activist took at today’s Christian March. After reviewing the video evidence, we do not find Patriot Prayer/Joey Gibson accountable for the accident. It was very unfortunate that it occurred either way. We wish our comrade a swift recovery.”

Comrade. Note the language and the advocacy: Patriotism and First Amendment religious freedom is bad, but communism is good, though it was responsible for nearly 100 million deaths during the 20th century.

In any event, for those who love freedom, democracy and republicanism, this was a moral victory of sorts — and a little karma.

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

Sources include:

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