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Antifa “revolution” turned out to be a big dud… no Second Amendment defense of America was even necessary

Antifa? More like Antifail.

November 4th was supposed to be the day that the radical leftists who make up the “Anti Fascist” movement, or Antifa, were going to raise hell. It was going to be a massive uprising; a political revolution unlike anything this country has seen since the war for independence. They even made a bunch of scary, threatening signs with a byline that you’d expect to see in a commercial for a low budget horror film: “November 4 – it begins.”

But to say that “it began” on November 4th really isn’t saying much at all. As a matter of fact, nothing significant really happened at all. While the left-wing fringe group was able to get a few dozen or even hundreds of their activists out onto the streets in some of the deeper blue states, it was nowhere near the massive political uprising that we were all warned about. Instead, it was really just more of the same – more angry leftists yelling through bullhorns, more enraged speeches delivered by people you’ve never even heard of, and more signs calling on the American people to overthrow the government. Of course, the details regarding how they would throw Donald Trump and Mike Pence out of office seem to have not exactly been established yet, but that’s beside the point.

What is abundantly clear, however, is how much hatred and contempt the members of Antifa (and really the majority of other liberals across the country) have for President Trump and his administration. Most of the items on Trump’s agenda, including building a wall along the southern border, taking on the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, and defending and potentially expanding gun rights for all Americans, are a direct threat to the progressive movement. From the increasingly politicized Supreme Court to the politically correct environment the left has been working to build, President Trump is taking a wrecking ball to it all and showing the world what America looks like with a real leader – and to groups like Antifa, all of that is a complete and utter tragedy.

So radical and full of hate is the Antifa movement that even the Washington Post has started to come out against them. Back in August, columnist Marc Thiessen wrote an article criticizing Antifa and labeling the group as “the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis.”

“They are no different from neo-Nazis,” Thiessen wrote in his piece. “Neo-Nazis are the violent advocates of a murderous ideology that killed 25 million people last century. Antifa members are the violent advocates of a murderous ideology that, according to ‘The Black Book of Communism,’ killed between 85 million and 100 million people last century. Both practice violence and preach hate. They are morally indistinguishable.” (Related: An undercover Antifa video reveals coordinated plans to trap conservatives in “kill zones” and stab them to death.)

Thiessen added, “There is no difference between those who beat innocent people in the name of the ideology that gave us Hitler and Himmler and those who beat innocent people in the name of the ideology that gave us Stalin and Dzerzhinsky.”

The Washington Post columnist concluded by arguing that when these types of neo-communists commit acts of violence against others that disagree, they get a free pass from the progressive left. “That cannot be allowed to stand,” Thiessen said. (Related: Antifa should be declared a domestic terrorism organization.)

While it’s extremely unlikely at this point that Antifa will ever make a significant impact on the direction this country is going in, sadly, the violence and hatred will continue until President Trump is out of office. In the meantime, Trump and his allies in Washington should continue to focus on making America great again just as they have always done.

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